Bed Products


The perfect accessory to beds, sofas and armchairs. Cushions are often overlooked in the larger scheme of planning for the home but have the ability to brighten your room by being a colour or pattern accent to plain colours or by being statement pieces in minimalist spaces.

Quilts & Duvets

Modern as well as creative, quilts are one of the most diverse elements for your bed. It can be used both in winters as well as summers. Tailored with care, these are textured layers which use handcrafted material such as cotton, linen, and velvet that enhances the overall look of the bedroom space.


Put an aesthetic edge to your sleeping space by using one of our woven bedspreads available in cotton, linen, chenille and recycled yarn. These are perfect to easily & elegantly dress your bed, it also helps cover exposed storage spaces underneath.

Window Panels

Our window drapings obscure light and give a pleasing appeal to all types of rooms. Available in all sizes, our window panels have unique designs and are crafted in cotton, polyester and linen.


Our throws are lightweight. luxurious stylemakers that add colour and pattern accents to furnishings. Simply draped along the back of a sofa, across the foot of the bed or on your favourite armchair by the fireplace for added warmth on winter nights.

Our products are customisable in terms of shape, colour, size, techniques and we would love to hear back from you about a specific requirement. Be it small or large, your order is important to us.